Why i rejected Real Madrid to sign another contract with PSG in 2022 – Mbappe

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In 2022 Kylian Mbappe was at the verge of joining the Spanish Champion Real Madrid, before considering signing additional 2 years contract with PSG. Real Madrid news today shows Mbappe is almost close to joining Madrid.

Mbappe’s decision to stay at PSG in 2022 sparked rumors of a strained relationship with Real Madrid. A summer transfer to the Spanish giants is back on the table after Mbappe confirmed his departure from PSG.

In a recent interview with CNN, Mbappe shed light on his reasons for initially rejecting Real Madrid’s advances. He hinted at a complex decision-making process that extended beyond just club loyalty. The 2022 World Cup and other external factors apparently played a role.

Despite the initial setback, Mbappe maintains he has no regrets. He highlighted his achievements with PSG, including becoming the club’s all-time top scorer.

While the details of the “not easy situation” remain unclear, Mbappe expressed his hope that others wouldn’t have to face a similar dilemma.

Reports suggest Kylian Mbappé’s departure from Paris Saint-Germain may not be entirely smooth financially. Sources claim PSG still owes Mbappé a significant sum worth €80m – €72m, potentially including unpaid wages and a loyalty bonus. PSG officials reportedly believe Real Madrid should contribute to this amount, despite no legal obligation.

Though Mbappe next club has not been made known to the public, but his actions tells he is heading to Madrid. according to news today Real Madrid are also eager to unveil Mbappe before euros 2024 commences despite his contract with Paris Saint German ends in June.

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