How well do you know Manchester United Wonder kid Kobbie Mainoo’s siblings

Do you know Kobbie Mainoo is a sibling to Jordan Homes

Wonder kid Kobbie Mainoo continues his outstanding performance for Manchester United, scoring the winning goal at the FA Cup final. Receiving his first International call up at the age of 18 years for England national team. So many fans are still wondering who are Kobbie Mainoo siblings?

Fans discovered Kobbie was a brother to  Love Island star Jordan Mainoo-Hames. He was part of the fifth season of Love Island UK in 2009 at the Mallorca villa. Jordan’s eviction from the house was as a result of vote, but he established a good relationship with Anna Vakili.

He is now a model with Louis Vuitton, Vogue and other well known brands. He also should his support for his kid bro Kobbie who is now a first team player under Erik ten hag.

This is quite surprising to fans for just knowing the relationship between them both. some wrote “Jordan and Kobbie Mainoo being siblings was not what they expected.

Kobbie Mainoo played an important role at the FA Cup final for Manchester United against Manchester City. Kobbie Mainoo siblings are all top celebrities but fans know little about them.

What Erik ten hag said about Mainoo after the FA Cup final

“I think we have to keep it calm,” Ten Hag said. “You are very good here in England to push players and managers very high, and then you hammer them after one or two bad performances. I think we need to keep it very calm.”

Ten Hag added: “He was awesome “But he’s also a young player who needs time. We wanted to play him in the second game of the season, but then he got a bad injury. It was a long time until he came back.”

The English media are good at hyping a player and at the same time they are good at criticizing a player with just one bad game.

How old is Kobbie Mainoo?

Kobbie Mainoo was born 19th April, 2005. The England national player is 19 years of age in 2024.

Kobiie Mainoo religion?

Manchester United wonderkid was born into a Christian home. Kobbie Mainoo is a Christian has we have seen him pray when he scores a goal.

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